We serve the community in which we operate. This is the very motivation behind our unique approach to food and beverage. We want the wealth generated from our business to stay in and contribute to your local region. We believe in the history and people that created your region's diverse food traditions. Every food's history is a living treasure, one that reflects the history of people and the blending of new cultures. Our local providers include:

Cafe Excellence

Heathland Hospitality Group is the exclusive provider of Café Excellence, a family-owned, micro-roaster of specialty grade coffees and teas, located just outside of Philadelphia in Audubon, PA. Café Excellence is Rain Forest Alliance Certified and Pennsylvania Preferred company.

Common Market

Heathland Hospitality Group purchases over 30% percentage of its produce from Common Market, a purveyor of local foods in Philadelphia, PA. Buying locally is part of Heathland's broader effort to serve healthier, fresh food and support local farmers.

New Hope Premium Fountain

New Hope Premium Fountain, located in New Hope, PA is the country's only eco-friendly, all natural beverage company. Together with Heathland Hospitality Group, New Hope offers all natural, local, sustainable sparkling fruit juices and fountain sodas, served in 100% corn based biodegradable cups. These premium carbonated beverages are environmentally friendly with just 10% of the carbon footprint of bottled beverages.