Heathland Hospitality Group provides a client-focused entrepreneurial restaurant approach to cafés, corporate dining and private clubs. All of our food is prepared fresh, chosen from exciting menus and delivered to you with warmth and attention. This not only defines who we are, but is our guarantee!

    We are reactive to every aspect of our clients' operations by:
  • Quickly adapting to ever changing landscapes
  • Conforming to the best practices of our clients
  • Maintaining a 100% corporate client retention rate since the company started in 2004
  • Not mandating systems that are forced to fit into a rigid national model

Fresh, Local, Personal & Responsible™

    FRESH is the foundation for all great cooking
  • Creating food alive with flavor and nutrition
  • Preparing from scratch using authentic ingredients
  • Reflecting the season and region
    LOCAL is hiring and purchasing from the local community
  • Serving the communities in which we operate
  • Recognizing the food traditions and history
  • Understanding each community's uniqueness
    PERSONAL is knowing our people are our greatest asset
  • Hiring associates from the community
  • Providing educated service in a friendly and generous style
  • Considering every associates contributions crucial to our success
    RESPONSIBLE in our daily operations that focus on responsibility
  • Recycling at all locations
  • Using biodegradable and compostable disposables
  • Providing efficient and open fiscal accountability

Heathland Hospitality Group is the first step towards the revitalization of food, style and community. Contact us today!