Heathland Hospitality Group enhances the member and guest experience while improving a club's financial performance. We pride ourselves on complementing the guest experience, not mandating it.

First and foremost, Heathland acts as a third party steward who assists the Board of Governors in developing a long-range strategic plan. As steward, we help the Board realize the short-term goals for their daily operations, and the impact these operations have on the club's long -ange strategic plan.

Management Services

Heathland Hospitality Group will provide your club unparalleled management services through our experience, knowledge, resources and continued support for the benefit of your management team. All of this support is provided while the Board and the membership retain the unique qualities that define your club's culture. We streamline administrative duties and responsibilities through the application of best practices, technology, and sourcing – allowing the management team to focus their attention on the club's members and guests.

    How we can help your club's team succeed:
  • Develop new and exciting menus
  • Sourcing and purchasing
  • Banquet sales and marketing
  • Promote club activities
  • Website developement
  • Social media
  • Staffing and training
  • Temporary staffing
  • Standardized procedures
  • Incentive programs
  • Financial reporting
  • Payroll administration
  • Risk management
  • Control benefit and insurance expenses
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Provide ongoing support

Club Dining

Heathland Hospitality Group wants your Club Dining experience to be that special place – your "home away from home", but as fine as any great American steak house. Here, familiar faces greet you at the door with warmth and ease to service and big glasses are filled with satisfying wines. This is the place where you want to come with your family and friends to celebrate or relax, either way is ok, because it is always done right.

Carefully selected cuts of beef are seared to perfection every time. The freshest seafood is delivered just hours before being served. Wholesome vegetables are grown locally and harvested seasonally. Irresistible desserts are created on-premise – lifting the eyebrows of the most discriminating diner. Fresh and exciting menus are prepared with the pride and attention that you would expect from the most revered restaurants.

Heathland Hospitality Group has contracted with key national and regional suppliers recognized as leaders in the food service industry. Our purchasing program gives our clients the buying power of a national account with an immediate saving of 6%–8% off your current invoice pricing.

  • Club retains control over product lines and specifications
  • No minimum or tiered volume requirements
  • Heathland Hospitality Group proactively manages vendor relationships to maximize service quality
  • No restrictive terms or conditions
  • Complementary market basket analysis

Heathland Hospitality Managed Clubs

Heathland Hospitality Group is the first step towards the revitalization of food, style and community. Contact us today!