Food and workplace safety is the responsibility of every team member at Healthland Hospitality Group. We empower and expect everyone in our organization to take pride in their role of providing safe food delivery and safe service environments. Through the shared commitment of our leadership, our teams, and the strength of our policies, standards and processes, we live our safety promise every day to provide quality assurance to our customers.

    Our safety commitment starts with
  • Food and workplace safety regulations that relate to the industries, geographies and venues where we operate
  • Ensuing our purchasing through authorized suppliers, as well as our handling, cooking, service and storage practices, contribute to the safety of the food that we prepare and serve.
  • Regularly train our people on their important responsibilities to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and service environment.
  • Frequently review and enhance our food and workplace safety standards, practices and programs.
  • Striving to continuously improve our food and occupational safety performance.
  • Ensuring active ownership from our people, and encourage participation from our clients, customers, partners and other stakeholders, to play a role in achieving our safety goals.
  • Fostering a culture where all team members are well supported in their ability to reduce safety risks and prevent incidents, injuries and food borne illnesses.
  • Ensuring that everyone has the right and obligation to stop and question any job that causes concern about their personal safety, the safety of others, or the safety of our services.

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