FlyBy Software and POS System

A complete integration of your online store and physical sales platform.

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Online Ordering

Already have a brick-and-mortar POS system? You can begin utilizing FlyBy's online ordering in just a few hours. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Start Immediately

Our online ordering software requires no upfront hardware costs and can be operational in only a few days.

Drive Sales

Businesses see a 10-15% increase in sales when utilizing an online platform.

Control Your Data

The FlyBy POS System not only functions as a brick-and-mortar payment processing unit, but also as a means to take control of your data. Leverage our platform to make discoveries about your sales and stay on top of inventory.

Manage Access

Provide access to specific reports or functions to certain employees - all from the convenience of your desk.

Gather Information

Use our full suite of tools to analyze your order history and identify patterns.